Understanding Florida Statute 322.271(1)(c): Business Purposes License (BPO)

Man in car showing drivers license

Florida law defines "Business Purposes" as a driving privilege limited to any driving necessary to maintain one’s livelihood. This includes driving to and from work, necessary on-the-job driving, driving for educational purposes, driving for church, and driving for medical purposes.

Florida Statute 322.271(1)(c) provides the legal framework for drivers in Florida to apply for a Business Purposes Driver's License. This type of license is available to individuals whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked but who still require driving to maintain their livelihood. While this license can be a lifesaver for individuals who need to drive for work or other essential purposes, there are specific guidelines associated with obtaining and maintaining it.

Ten-Day Deadline for an Administrative Hearings

If you are facing DUI charges in Florida, it is crucial to understand the requirements of the 10-day rule. This rule means you have only ten calendar days from your arrest to request an administrative hearing to challenge your driver's license suspension. If you miss this deadline, your license will be automatically suspended without the chance of dispute. That's why it's essential to act as soon as possible. This hearing is your opportunity to appeal against the suspension and potentially have it lifted. You must file a petition with the DHSMV within the given timeframe to request the hearing. Failing to act within the ten-day rule can result in significant consequences, so act promptly to protect your driving privileges.

Ten-day Application Deadline to Request a Business Purposes Only License

In Florida, if your license is suspended because of a DUI charge, you only have ten days from the date of the arrest to apply for a Business Purposes Driver's License. This license allows you to continue driving for work, school, and other essential purposes while your regular driver's license is suspended. Failing to apply for the Business Purposes Driver's License within ten days may cause you to lose the opportunity to obtain one.

Requesting a License for Business Purposes After a DUI Arrest

A DUI arrest in Florida can have significant consequences, including the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. Luckily, Florida law allows individuals to continue driving for work, school, and other essential purposes through a Business Purposes Only license (BPO) even after their regular license has been suspended or revoked due to a DUI arrest.

To be granted limited driving privileges under BPO guidelines, a driver must:

  • Make a written request to the Division of Driver Licenses that includes your full name, date of birth, and driver's license number.
  • Complete all necessary forms, including the Application for Business Purposes Only License and the FR-44 Certificate of Insurance.
  • Have been a Florida resident at the time of the DUI arrest.
  • Have completed any court-ordered probation and paid all fines and fees related to the offense.
  • Have enrolled in DUI school and have provided proof of enrollment.
  • Appear before a hearing officer for a formal administrative hearing.
  • Present evidence to support the need for the Business Purposes License, such as letters from your employer or school, and provide information about how losing your driver's license would significantly impact your life.
If approved for a BPO license, a driver will be granted limited driving privileges aligned with specific essential purposes, such as driving to work, school, church, or medical appointments. It is essential to note that violating the conditions of your Business Purposes License could result in a new criminal charge, immediate suspension or revocation of your license, so it's essential to follow the requirements diligently.